High Glycemic Foods To Avoid

The consistent incorporation of foods with high glyemic load can make it hard for you to lose weight, even if you exercise. It is vital to take note that the expression “high glycemic” particularly alludes to glycemic load – NOT glycemic index.


Since glycemic load is the better metric of true glycemic affect (impact on glucose) of a given sustenance, since it considers the size of a portion as well as the glycemic record.

Lets see which foods have high glycemic index.

List of High Glycemic Foods: Avoid Them

Taking out (or if nothing else definitely lessening) the utilization of high glycemic sustenances is a fundamental rule of the low glycemic dietary administration.

You should mainly stay away from:

1. Foods Rich In Highly Processed Carbohydrates:

  • bagels
  • breads
  • most breakfast cereals
  • pancakes
  • croutons
  • pretzels
  • crackers
  • flour tortillas
  • snack chips

2. Sugar Sweetened Beverages:

  • soft drinks
  • sports drinks
  • lemonade, iced tea, etc.

3. Desserts Rich in Sugar and/or Flour

  • Sugar-sweetened candies / ice cream / yogurt
  • Cakes
  • Pies
  • Cookies
  • Muffins
  • Pastries

4. Processed/Concentrated Fruit Products

  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Fruit juices

Other Foods To Stay Away From

There are likewise a few sustenances that are NOT “high glycemic”, yet, should be avoided.

Those foods are:

  • Alchoholic beverages (including wine, beer, and “hard” liquors)
  • Fructose-rich foods
  • “Fatty” foods (butter, nuts, some meats, cheese, mayo, etc.)

Not eating these foods that often will help you lose weight easily.

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