How to Use Guava Leaves to Stop Hair Loss


In this article we are going to write about a formula with guava for hair loss prevention. Managing baldness can be very costly and upsetting. Many people are trying over the counter medicines, oils, and shampoos. In spite of the fact that some of these can work well, they are costly. Other individuals are looking for medicinal help just to be recommended prescriptions that are also costly.

The best thing about common cures is that they are more secure than different options and are anything but difficult to discover. Guavas are flavorful as well as stacked with vitamins and other supplements. Their leaves happen to be among the best common solutions for hair loss. Guava leaves are stacked with vitamin B2, which assumes a noteworthy part in repairing the tissues and cells. This is also useful for your skin and nails.

By fusing guava leaves to your hair care, you should expect stronger hair. In this manner, you will keep your hair from falling out.


If you want to gain all the benefits from guava leaves, you should:

  • Boil a bunch of guava leaves for 20 min in 1l
  • Then, let it cool down, and after that strain the water.
  • Your hair should be clean and product-free.
  • Massage it into your scalp, and apply it all over your hair.

Note: The remedial properties from the guava leaves are moved to the water when it is bubbled. Putting this arrangement into your scalp frequently will counteract and diminish the hair loss.

What to Expect

Regularly using guava leaves in your hair care will yield longer and thicker strands. Reinforcing of follicles will begin from the root, and you will get stronger and shiny hair. Another awesome thing with the utilization of guava leaves for avoiding balding is that it is completely common and there are no chemicals. Unless you are oversensitive to guavas, you are probably not going to encounter any bad symptoms.

Blending Guava with Conditioner or Shampoo

There is no mischief in adding guava leaves to your conditioner or shampoo. Subsequent to chilling off, blend it to your shampoo or conditioner and shake the bottle.

Alternative Leaves for Preventing Hair Loss 

Is your scalp itchy or irritated, and do you notice that strands are falling off? Curry leaves can help in taking care of these issues because of their cell reinforcement properties. They are a decent wellspring of beta-carotenes and proteins which are good at preventing hair loss. Moreover, curry leaves are rich in amino acids which reinforce strands and keep them solid. You can utilize curry leaves as a hair mask, hair tonic, or fuse them to your eating regimen.

Guava Leaves Can Prevent l

The leaves from guava give these benefits:

  • Help in weight reduction – they keep the change of complex starches into sugars which supress the cravings and prevent weight gain.
  • Reduce diabetes impact – they bring down blood glucose levels without meddling with insulin level.
  • Reduce skin break outs – they are rich in vitamin C which battles skin inflammation if you apply them
  • Fight premature aging – They prevent the development of wrinkles and age spots when utilized topically.

The reason you may discover guava leaves are better than different items is that they are natural and don’t have any chemicals. Most items in the market may give a convenient solution to the hair loss issue, yet if you use them for a long time, they can trigger adverse impact on your hair.