Color Your Hair With These 7 Natural Ingredients – Ditch The Chemicals


Stressed over the chemicals saturating your scalps from the hair color? These hair colors are currently viewed as a conceivable hazard factor for different sorts of cancer. A few chemicals in these hair colors get consumed through the skin. Or, on the other hand it can be breathed in from the hair. All things considered, here is the uplifting news. There are natural ways to dye your color, sparing you from the destructive impacts of chemicals.

1. Henna

This is the powdered type of leaves from the henna plant, which has a powerful shading color. This is perfect for redheads and brunettes as henna gives a red-orange shading.

Mix 2 cups of lemon juice with a cup of henna powder. Leave the blend for around 4-5 hours. After the blend thickens, apply it to your hair and comb the hair. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap and sit tight for an additional 2 hours before washing.

You can likewise join it with curry leaves and sesame oil. Heat up some sesame oil and keep it in a firmly shut container alongside a couple of curry leaves. Blend some henna with this concentrate and bubble it for some moment. Apply it to your hair once it is cool. You can wash your hair following 2 or 3 hours.

2. Walnut Shells

If you want to add darker brown colour to the hair, walnut shells are good for you. The external hard shell covering of walnuts gives this solid shading. Before you proceed, an expression of alert: As a solid color, it will recolor everything that comes into contact with it. So play it safe.

Pound the walnut shells. On the off chance that this is an intense undertaking for you, utilize walnut powder. Bubble them for about 30 minutes. Later cool and strain it. Apply it on hair. Need to concentrate on the grey hair? Dunk a cotton ball in the color and apply just to those areas. Abandon it for no less than a hour and wash with warm water.

3. Tea

Chamomile is great for blondes. In the meantime, rooibos tea is perfect for redheads. As a rule, tea powder is useful for upgrading darker shades.

Set up a concentrated tea. Use 2-3 teabags in a cup of water, or you can use tea powder. Strain, cool it and apply on your hair. Or, on the other hand you can likewise blend it with a conditioner and utilize it. Abandon it for no less than 60 minutes. In the event that you let it sit for more, it will be more effective.

4. Coffee

To develop the darker shades of your hair, go to your kitchen and snatch your coffee powder. Coffee can cover your grey hairs.

Make some coffee and let it cool. Blend it with some leave-in conditioner and 2 tablespoons of espresso beans. Apply the blend on your hair. Give it a chance to sit for around a hour and wash the hair completely.

5. Lemon Juice

You may not see any prompt outcomes subsequent to utilizing lemon juice. Be that as it may, constant utilization of lemon juice will deal with your hair.

Take naturally crushed lemon juice. Brush it through your hair and leave it for few hours.

6. Beet Juice

This is perfect for giving characteristic red tints to your present shading. You can blend carrot juice with beet juice. This will give you a red-orange impact on your hair.

Make some beet juice. Apply it to your hair. Or, on the other hand mix some carrot and beet juice and apply it. Abandon it for no less than 60 minutes. Wash your hair well.

7. Other Herbs

Choose your decision of hair shading and after that pick the herb you need. Calendula, marigold hibiscus, and rosehips can be utilized to upgrade your red shade. For brunette and dark hair, sage, nettle, and rosemary work incredible.