How to Make Your Own Night-Time Body Butter That Soothes Dry Skin and Keeps It Smooth, Moisturized and Fresh!

Dry skin is a typical skin issue that influences many people around the world. Most creams and lotions are not really effective and can be very expensive.

People who have issues with dry skin are searching for an answer that wouldn’t be lethal to their skin but rather it will be sufficiently intense to help battle the issue.

To be specific, a mix of essential oils and coconut oil can do the trap. Just apply a touch of coconut oil on your skin before sleep time or in the wake of showering. Following a week, you will understand that coconut oil is outstanding amongst other all-common healthy skin items.

You may know that fundamental oils can enable recuperate, calm, and improve your general wellbeing. Indeed, the mix of coconut oil and other oils has a capacity to improve your skin.

The formula introduced underneath incorporates photosensitive oils, which implies that they respond in the sun. That is the reason you should just utilize this body butter during the evening and wash it off in the morning.

Body Butter Recipe For Dry Skin


  • 1 cup of organic coconut oil
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops of orange essential oil
  • Half lemon zest
  • Half lime zest
  • Half orange zest


Begin by setting the coconut oil in a little container and after that warmth it for around twenty seconds. A while later, empty it into a bowl and stir it. At that point, include the lime, lemon, and orange, and mix through again.

You ought to include the other oils and blend until the point that everything is joined. You should know that the oil shouldn’t be hot when you mix it with the other oils.

Next, place it in a blender and blend it until the point that you get a cushy blend.

Move it in a jug and store it in a dark and cool place to keep it from dissolving.

You can use the body butter to keep your skin smooth, moisturized, and fresh.